A Simple Interactive TV Guide


Imagine being able to scroll through a TV guide on your iPad or iPhone, and when you find a TV Show you like, you just tap it and your TV changes automatically to that channel. 


iWavit TV Aid is such an app. You can now browse all the channels that are available to you directly on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. 


iWavitTVAid & iWavitTVPro apps

It is much faster than using an on-screen electronic TV guide (press "guide", scroll slowly up/down, select), and it does not obscure the TV show you are currently watching. TVAid is an interactive TV guide that combines the functionality of a conventional IR Remote Control with the convenience of a built-in electronic program guide. It works on ANY TV with ANY TV SERVICE (Comcast, Dish, DirecTV, Over-the-Air) in the United States. In fact, it works to control your PC Media Center as well, if you have a PC connected to your TV


Setup is extremely easy, and only requires that you answer 3 simple questions:  1) What is you zip code, 2) What is your TV Service, and 3) What device do you use to control your TV channels. You can be ready in a matter of seconds.
Note: The iWavit TVPro app is a more full-featured, ad-free version of iWavit TVAid. These apps do not currently support International TV listings, only USA


Aug 23, 2011
iWavit TVAid
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 iWavit TVAid and TVPro demo