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"If you don't want a table full of remote controls and you have an iPhone ,iPad or iPod touch this is a MUST have... I purchased the full kit and found that the IR blaster works so well I can be on my rear deck and control the volume to my entire house audio system. It also works great as keyboard and track pad for my media pc... Download the apps and see them on your device you wont be disappointed", by Buto, Amazon. Go.



"As I opened the box of iWavit, I was first skeptical on how such a small attachment to my iPhone could do all thats been promised on the iWavit website ..but I was totally blown away when I was able to control my Sony TV and Dish Network DVR within 30 seconds of opening the iWavit box. It was that simple... I could create my own remote within a few mins using the iWavit "Tabula Rasa" app. I was blown away by the number of cool apps available and the versatility of this tiny iWavit attachment", Siva, Amazon. Go



"I only had mine for two hours before I decided it was the second greatest thing in the world(the first being my iPhone 4). I noticed most of my remotes were already available in the app store. For the others i used the free app tabular rasa. Right out of the box you can create completely customized remotes with buttons that do multiple things... It has been about a week since I have gotten mine and 2 of my friends have decided to buy one. I LOVE MY iWAVIT!!! The true extent of its capabilities is bigger than what I would ever be able to use it for.", Nooga Shooterm Amazon. Go there.



"Buy 2 cause if anyone else finds out how cool it is they will steal it", Horney in Honolulu, App Store. Go there.



"I had only owned my iWavit for 2 hours before I realized I couldn't live without it.  The premade app are great but the Tabula Rasa app....is genius.  You can completely customize any remote. If you have an old remote not listed you can build your own.  The hardware is sturdy and the most fairly priced on the market. Other models feel poorly made.  This remote has more features than 1 person will ever use.  iWavit works on iPad and iPhone you can move it from unit to unit seamlessly.  This is an all around great purchase!" DirecTV review, App Store. Go



"I saw the iWavit demonstrated at MacWorld 2011 and immediately ordered the hardware. Creating custom commands with Tabula Rasa was fun and easy, but my Samsung HDTV required longer delays than the macro-creater allowed. I emailed ThinkOptics...they thanked me for my input and promised a fix the following week...I am delighted with the iWavit and the Tabula Rasa app. I have been blown away by the responsiveness, professionalism and efficiency of the ThinkOptics staff.  This is a KILLER product and app! (My wife is also very happy that the five remotes on our coffee table are no longer in sight!). THANKS ThinkOptics!", Charles Kohler, App Store. Go there.



"I love it. This is worth it", Abraham Falahat, App Store.



"Nice wooooowwww", Efrain Wyfamilia, App Store.



 It does exactly what they say it will do, how refreshing is that? I simply connected as instructed and it worked very well....It's very easy to create your own remotes if you want to but they already have many created for you with many more on the way I am told.....
One suggestion... spend the few extra dollars to buy the premium kit.... it comes with the lightbar/dongle which makes the app much more dependable in my view..... I used it both ways and found the lightbar to be a big help. It plugs into a dongle which can be plugged into most any powered USB port or they offer a USB adapter for just a few dollars. I plugged mine right into the USB port of my Onkyo Receiver and it works perfectly. .. Give iwavit a try. I suspect you will be happy with it. I am.... Go to full review


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